Nokia E-Cu - Charge Your Phone Using the Heat of Your Pocket

Patrick Hyland, a British designer, came up with a new concept cell phone that could revolutionize the phone market.

Dubbed "Nokia E-Cu", the handset incorporates a technology that was previously not used in cell phones.

The device does not need to the plugged into a socket to fill its battery up. The energy used to charge the phone is produced by the heat of the user's pocket.

It would be interesting to note that the Nokia E-Cu includes a copper case that has engraved heat-sinks in the shape of dried earth.

Inside, the designer decided to include athermogenerator that transforms heat from any source into electrical energy. 

The device will be able to eliminate the 51,000 tons of waste and greenhouse gases produced by phone chargers each year

Razer Unveils New Wireless Naga Epic MMO Gaming Mouse with 17 Buttons

Those who are into multiplayer games should knowRazer, a company that in 2009 presented the Naga mouse.

Recently Razer unveiled its latest creation called theNaga Epic MMO Gaming Mouse. 

The device is wireless and includes 3 interchangeable side panels that are used for different hand grips.

This gaming mouse features a whooping 17 MMO-optimized buttons. It also boasts customizable back-glow option from 16 million colors. 

In case your batteries are low, you can just plug the Naga Gaming Mouse in to recharge for the non-stop gaming entertainment. 

The battery can hold 12 hours in non-stop mode and72 hours in normal gaming mode.

It is worth mentioning that Razer looks forward to shipping its new product next month. The price of the new gaming mouse will be $ 129.99.

Logitech Unveils World's First and Slimmest Solar-Powered Keyboard

The Swiss company Logitech has recently presented its new keyboard that harnesses solar energy. 

The company claims that its latest device is the world's first and slimmest fully solar-powered keyboard. It is just 7 millimeters thick and 5 times more energy efficient than the keyboards previously manufactured by Logitech.

Dubbed the K750, the solar-powered keyboard can harness not only the energy from the sun but also from anindoor lamp.

The wireless device includes low-power integrated circuits, a power optimized wireless link and 2 solar panels used to refill the onboard battery.

In addition, Logitech decide to develop a free desktop application for Windows that is able to provide accurate information about the energy currently stored in the device and the current light levels. 

The solar-powered keyboard will be available on the company official website startingDecember, having a price tag of 79 Euros.

Razer Nostromo - the Ultimate Gaming Pad

The famous company specializing in gaming equipment, Razer, has recently presented its latest innovation, a gaming pad called"Nostromo."

The company developed Nostromo in collaboration with Belkin, the developer of audio, video and computer cables, wireless networking, desktop and mobility accessories.

It would be worth noting that the gaming pad is meant to offer active gamers such features as advanced ergonomics, tournament-grade controls, customizability, as muchcomfort as possible.

"Building on the Speedpad's proven ergonomic design, the Nostromo incorporates the latest gaming technologies that [we] have developed over the past few years," outlined Razer president Robert Krakoff.

He mentioned that the company's new gaming device boasts a new chipset and software drivers, which makes it possible for gamers to program complex command strings.

It would be interesting to note that Nostromo features a 16-button keypad layout, a rubberized wrist pad, 16 fully-programmable Hyperesponse gaming buttons, plus an8-way directional thumb pad.

Besides, the Nostromo allows gamers to switch between 8 keymaps right away. At the same time it allows users to store up to 20 gaming profiles.