Magic Mouse Resembles Concept of iPhone 5 by Ciccarese Design

Ciccarese Design give the concept of iphone 5 that closely resembles a magic mouse.

The design studios new iPhone 5 mockup exploits a teardrop design meme in a lovely way and as commenter's pointed out, it's inspired by a Magic Mouse."

Rumors have been circulating about the design of the iPhone 5 since last summer that claim the next-gen device will sport a rounded tear-drop shape design.
When the iPhone 4S was released, it was originally expected to be the 5 sporting this brand new thin-tapered look. But when the device finally dropped it disappointed many Apple fans who were hoping for something completely fresh and got the 4S which is identical to the iPhone 4 in terms of appearance.
This new rendering is probably far from what Apple will release when the company launches its sixth generation smartphone. It features an Apple logo on the back that happens to glow in the dark. It also looks like it would fit firmly into a user's hand.