LEAKED! Aamir Khan's Dhoom 3 look

From the beefed-up gaze in Ghajini to the moustache-ed flexibility combatant in Mangal Pandey, Aamir Khan has habitually alteredhis examines as asserted by the character. And now, he will be glimpsed in a new avatar for Dhoom 3.
The Bollywood player was dotted impersonating amicably for photographs and arrogantly displaying his new gaze at an happeningin Mumbai. His new suave gaze displays him in cropped haircut with a complicated saline and pepper French beard.
While the pic is conceiving a buzz about this new Dhoom 3 gaze, there has been no authorized confirmations. The player will be playing a villian in Dhoom 3.
The third installment of Dhoom 3 will strike the theatres next year round Christmas. This time YRF has cast Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif simultaneously in the lead role. Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will be extend to be part of the series.

Nokia N9: The Most Amazing Phone You’ll Never Buy

Nokia was pleasant sufficient to lend me a Nokia N9, its first and nearly absolutely last MeeGo-powered smartphone, after I not-so-subtly pointed out that I’d love to give the thing a solid whirl. After having performedwith it for a day now, I’ll notify you why I believe it’s a phenomenal smartphone that competitors the best of ‘em, and why you would likely be better off not buying one anyway.
I’ll start off by interpreting that I’m not trained to be a expert smartphone reviewer, whatsoever. We have ourprevious CrunchGear and MobileCrunch slaves for that kind of stuff. That said, I’ve utilised a assortment of smartphones over the years, of all forms and dimensions, and I understand condemn well what I want.
If you’re looking for one of those thorough hands-on reviews or a list of specs, delight gaze elsewhere. Okay? Okay.
TL;DR: The Nokia N9′s hardware, functioning scheme and pre-installed submissions are nearly all exceptionally good, and a taut integration between them makes for a peak notch client experience. Unfortunately, the cost is far too vertical, and there just aren’t sufficient apps on the marketplace.
Full review:
The Nokia N9 is effortlessly one of the most pleasing, very fast and thoughtfully conceived telephones I’ve ever used. And I’ve utilised abounding of iPhones and Android telephones to designated day to understand what I’mconversing about.
There’s many of things to like about the N9: the value and responsiveness of the feel computer display, the nifty ‘swiping’ characteristics, the general gaze and seem of the (unibody) hardware, the navigation and ‘Drive’submissions, the bent glass, the camera value, the way notifications work, the incoming revisions stream outlook,the need of buttons, built-in NFC capabilities, and so on. A actually, actually solid job, Nokia.
It has its quirks too, like any apparatus I daresay, and a amazingly crappy preloaded Webkit browser (no tabs, no favorites, no ‘read it later’, and strange rendering at times). You furthermore can’t personalize the backdrop (save for the secure screen) or add consequences to it – certain thing I’ve developed amazingly fond of with Android phones. iPhone users will overlook their folders.
So why would I – and likely you – not ever purchase it? Two major reasons.
First, the telephone is too expensive. The N9 charges 480 euros (roughly $650) for the 16 GB type, and 560 euros (~$755) for the 64 GB type, before levies or subsidies.
I realise the reasoning. It’s a high-end telephone, and Nokia likes its cost to agree the way it feels about the device. And if it weren’t ~2 years late to the market, it’d be an agreeable cost, too.
Unfortunately, we now reside in a world where you can choose up a decent iPhone or Android handset forapproximately the identical cost or lower, so the N9 easily can’t contend on price.
The second cause is less target and more obvious: the staggering need of apps in the marketplace (called Nokia Store these days). It’s not disastrous; the telephone arrives preloaded with apps like Maps, Drive, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds (lite), AccuWeather, YouTube etc. and you can effortlessly establish apps like Foursquare and some pleasant sport from the shop, free of charge.
But that’s attractive much it, and it’s a problem.
I understand I can choose up any Android telephone or iPhone, establish the Yammer app and cooperate with myyoung individual TechCrunch staffers instantly (okay, when the app does what it’s presumed to, which isn’thabitually the case). I can establish Amazon’s Kindle app and start reading my most lately downloaded ebook on the sheet I was when I last marked off. I can establish the NYT and WSJ apps to hold on peak of world report, and download Pulse to read the feeds I’ve subscribed to. I can establish Shazam and recognise and purchasemelodies while I am. I can download Viber and call and text my associates for free.
On the Nokia N9, no one of that is possible. The business agent I conversed to yesterday states it will get better, and developers just require to become more cognizant of cross-platform submission framework Qt and how they can dock living apps so they run on MeeGo.
Perhaps, but that will take time, and as I said before, Nokia is currently late to this game.
It’s a miserable, odd paradox: the telephone is so attractive and works so easily that I’m really having a hard time putting the N9 down, but I can frankly state that I would not ever suggest any individual to proceed out and buy it in a world so chock-full of better choices, particularly at that price.......