PALO ALTO  – Facebook carries on to renounce rumors it is fastening down on March 15th of 2012.  WWN, even so, hassubstantiated that it is true.

On January 9th, WWN’s ace reporter, J.B. Smitts, busted the global narrative that Facebook was going to close down on March 15th because Mark Zuckerberg desired to revisit to a regular life.   The narrative produced a worldwide awareness,and J.B. Smitts has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for smashing it.

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg has publicly rejected the rumors, saying, “Facebook is not going to close down.  Not now, not ever.  We’re just getting started.”
David Ebersman, the CFO of Facebook, and the man toiling with Goldman Sachs on the new Facebook financing deal said, “many population sense that the deal with Goldman Sachs will lead to a change in Facebook or that we might fastened downin order that the government won’t force us to depart public.  All of those rumors are false.  We are going to be tougher than ever after March 15th.”
But WWN has uttered to insiders at Facebook who toughly contradict the public assertions of the manager organisation team.

Sources indoors Facebook advise us that the financial gathering is now establishing strategies on how to handle the very large shutdown.  “We can’t just turn it off on March 15th of 2012.  There will be a revolution,” said one insider.  “We have toorganise our users for the end of Facebook and offer them means to retain their public webs alive.”
Zuckerberg upholds that one year is adequate time for users to organise for the demise of Facebook.  It in addition rendersfoe sites time to manufacture up their customer base.

There were rumors that Zuckerberg himself was going to show on the Oscars on February 27th, when The Social Network isdefinite to win Best Picture of the Year Award.  But Zuckerberg did not show.  New rumors are that Zuckerberg will make “anvalued statement to the world” about the future of Facebook when he rallies with President Obama in the White House on June 15th.

Meanwhile, there is fear all throughout the globe as Facebook users (and addicts) are horrified that they may mislay theirpublic networking community.  Top celebrities Tyra Banks, Mila Kunis, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Ashton Kutchter, Carrot Top, Meryl Streep, Danny Bonaduce and the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Atlanta are all panicking about suffer forfeit Facebook.  “I’m fanatical to Facebook,” said Tyra Banks. “Without it, my life is over!”

An online request was commenced just hours in the past to aid argue Zuckerberg and Facebook to continue open.

The organizer of the “Please Do Not Shut Down Facebook Petition”, Fritz Barnkopf, said, “we expect to get a million or more signatures before the Oscars, so Mark Zuckerberg will re-evaluate his tragic decision.”

Amitabh Bachan Recites Holy Quran for Satisfaction

Mahesh Bhatt's Jism 2 to be based on Sunny Leone's life?

Mahesh Bhatt and Sunny Leone
Porn star Sunny Leone has just bagged Mahesh Bhatt's Jism 2. The film will be a sequel of John Abraham-Bipasha Basu starrer Jism in which Bipasha did some dare bare acts. There were rumours stating that Jism 2 will be based on Sunny Leone's life. 

Mahesh Bhatt entered the Bigg Boss 5 house to offer the lead female role in Jism 2 to porn star Sunny Leone. It was earlier speculated that the film is based on the life of Sunny Leone. However, Mahesh Bhatt confirmed that Jism 2 is just a fictional tale and he along with daughter Pooja Bhatt had earlier considered Bipasha Basu and Mallika Sherawat for the film. Speaking to a leading newspaper, Mahesh Bhatt said, “This film’s story is based on a girl’s journey from ebb to rise.” 

Mahesh Bhatt also added that Pooja Bhatt always wanted to work with Sunny since she had a mystic element to her off screen image. Stating that Sunny Leone's life as a porn star is a complex memoir, and is a journey of transformation from a girl-next-door named Karen Malhotra to being the porn star that we all know - Sunny Leone. 

As Jism 2 required not just a beautiful face, but also someone who could understand and emote the depth and emotional intricacy of the character, they thought Sunny Leone was the perfect choice.

I didn’t pose naked for FHM, says Pakistani actress in hot water over nude photoshoot

A controversial Pakistani actress has been forced to deny posing naked for the India edition of FHM sporting a tattoo of the initials 'ISI' on her arm.
Veena Malik appears topless on the front of the December issue of FHM India, sparking outrage among conservatives in Pakistan - both for her nudity and the reference to Pakistan's intelligence agency.

But Miss Malik has strongly denied posing for the lads' mag, with the 33-year-old star insisting the picture had been 'morphed'.

Disputed: The FHM India cover which allegedly shows Pakistani actress Veena Malik posing nude. Miss Malik had denied taking her clothes off for the magazine and has vowed to take legal action

Disputed: The FHM India cover which allegedly shows Pakistani actress Veena Malik posing nude. Miss Malik had denied taking her clothes off for the magazine and has vowed to take legal action
'I have never posed nude. I have never done anything like that ever. My manager and legal team is looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them,' Miss Malik told PTI, the Indian press agency.
FHM India's editor, Kabeer Sharma, insisted however that nothing had been doctored, and claimed that the magazine could prove the photo's authenticity.

Mr Sharma told the BBC: 'We have video footage of the shoot as well as emails from Veena about how she's looking forward to the cover.'
The image was revealed on FHM India's website, Facebook page and Twitter account simultaneously today.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik during a campaign of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 'I am a Vegetarian', in MumbaiPakistani Bollywood actress Veena Malik displays the new collection of designer Riyaz Gangji in Mumbai on April 19, 2011

Denials: Miss Malik, pictured left in a PETA operation and right in a latest approach discharge, has rejected faking for the lads' mag, but the FHM Indiareviser declares he has computer communications and video that can confirm the photos authenticity
The uncovering film presentations shows Miss Malik nude, with her arms and one leg positioned to obscure her breasts and pubic area.

On her arm are decorated the initials 'ISI' - the acronym for Pakistan's concerned Inter-Services Intelligence instrumentality - with the tag line, 'hand in the end of the world too?'
Mr Sharma said the source to Pakistani smartness was denoted to be light-hearted, saying: 'In India we prank about this... if any kindmoves wrong... we declare the ISI ought be behind this.'
Miss Malik is no unfamiliar person to controversy. In January she assailed attacked hardline clerics in Pakistan who demandhumble Muslims should be suitably included at all times.
'If a woman is chilly with wearing a burqa, she should wear a burqa. If a woman, being a Muslim, desires to wear denim, then she should wear jeans,' she said in an interview with The Australian newspaper.

She in addition started a strict assault on award killings, highlighting that women were perpetually the objective and not men.

'Have you ever discovered that they've flung corrosive in a guy's face in Pakistan?,' she asked.

Veena Malik during a photo shoot at Riyaz Gangji's store in JuhuPakistani actress Veena Malik poses on the set of the forthcoming Bollywood Hindi film All U need.Love directed by Atul Garg in Mumbai late November 15, 2011

Controversial: Miss Malik, pictured left in a fashion shoot and right on the set of a Bollywood film, has clashed with Muslim clerics in Pakistan before, where she is a voice for women's rights
After making her name has a star in 'Lollywood' movies -  the term used to describe films made in Lahore - she found greater fame when she took part in Big Boss 4, the Indian version of Big Brother, last year.

Dressed in shorts and seen hugging actor Ashmit Patel as well as swimming with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson, she was accused of behaving improperly by some Muslim clerics.

Miss Malik has also been accused of being a porn star. However, her refreshingly outspoken views have won her many fans from Pakistan's younger and more liberal circles.

Confronted about her 'immoral' behaviour by cleric Mufti Abdul Qawi on a TV talk show, she snapped back that the country had far more important things to consider - including the rape of children in mosques.

'I’m a Muslim woman, and I know my limits,' she shouted back. The mufti appeared to be too astounded to respond.

Your Laptop’s Wi-Fi Might Cause Male Fertility Problems

Men, beware. The Wi-Fi from your laptop could be hurting the health of your sperm.
A new study, published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility by researchers from Argentina and the U.S., found that semen samples placed a little more than an inch under a Wi-Fi-connected laptop experienced more DNA damage and mobility issues than regular sperm. The samples were taken from 29 healthy men with an average age of 34.
After just four hours sitting under a Wi-Fi-connected laptop, 25% of the sperm samples were no longer mobile and nine percent showed DNA damage. Meanwhile, only 14% of the samples stored away from the computer were inactive, and they showed minimal DNA damage.
“Our data suggest that the use of a laptop computer wirelessly connected to the Internet and positioned near the male reproductive organs may decrease human sperm quality,” the report said. “At present we do not know whether this effect is induced by all laptop computers connected by Wi-Fi to the Internet, or what use conditions heighten this effect.”

The study also tested the sperm next to laptops that were not connected to Wi-Fi. They showed some damage — though less than the connected laptops. This suggests heat may also be a factor in impacting the health of your swimmers.
This is not the first time a study revealed that laptops might be harmful to sperm. A widely-reported 2010 studyfound that men who keep their laptops on their laps may be hurting the quality of their sperm due to scrotal hyperthermia — that is, elevated temperatures in the testes.
The latest study noted that more research needs to be conducted to learn the true effects of electromagnetic radiation generated by a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection — since it was conducted in an artificial setting.

Male infertility is not uncommon. In fact, about one in six U.S. couples have difficulty conceiving. According to the American Urological Association, a man’s fertility is a factor in 50 percent of these cases.

YouTube’s New Homepage Goes Social With Algorithmic Feed, Emphasis On Google+ And Facebook


YouTube is launching what the company calls the biggest redesign in its history today, including sweeping changes to its homepage and channel pages. The goal is better personalized video discovery and viewing, with a notable emphasis on social features. Think of the changes as the latest example of Google’s campaign to create a unified social layer for all of its products.
The new homepage looks a lot like Facebook, or Google+ for that matter. An activity feed view dominates the middle of the page, while a left-hand navigation bar provides a set of filters for what you see in the feed.
The default Subscriptions feed appears to include algorithmically determined video uploads and activities determined by information like what videos you’ve watched and which channels you’ve subscribed to, although YouTube group product manager Noam Lovinsky wouldn’t tell me exactly how it worked. The previous version of the homepage feed, which launched early this year, doesn’t appear to be algorithmically tuned to the same degree.

G+ and Facebook also get prime-time spots in the navigation bar, listed right beneath the first feed. Click on either and you’ll be able to view videos shared by friends on those networks. G+ videos are automatically in there since YouTube accounts are linked to users Google identities. Facebook requires an opt-in login.
Google is playing up the already social aspects of YouTube to help it bolster Google’s cross-product G+ push. The Facebook integration is a bit more surprising considering that it’s the main social competitor out there. But Lovinksy downplayed that point when I brought it up, noting that only around 10% of YouTube’s views are from embeds, meaning that Facebook is just a part of that percentage.
He went on to explain that the prominent locations for G+ and Facebook are to help with onboarding for newer users. Instead of looking through the entire site for interesting channels, or trying to see what YouTube’s general recommendations tell them, they can get started by seeing what their current friends are already sharing.
The rest of the left-hand bar includes other options for filtering the feed. You can pin any subscribed channel to the top section as well. Click on any of those subscriptions and you’ll see a reverse-chronological feed of all the activity in that channel.
Further down, the bar includes a YouTube-curated section showing Trending, Popular and Music channels, and another section showing recommended channels.
The new homepage has a lot in common with Facebook’s left-hand navigation lists, its algorithmic feed, and its right-hand side recommendations and ads. But that’s a reflection of the design paradigm for all social products, as Lovinksy tells me. Users need a homepage that can help them consume new and interesting content as easily as possible, paired with landing pages that let you add subscriptions. In YouTube’s case, the homepage emphasis on filtering channels is based on users’ desires to watch sets of videos in a single sitting. Like, you know, television, channels.
To that end, YouTube is also adding some new templates for channel pages. Here’s what they include, according to the company:
  • The Blogger template: A featured video, a reverse chronological list of videos from 1 playlist of your choosing, playlists, and other Channels.
  • The Creator template: A featured video, featured playlists, and other Channels.
  • The Network template: A featured video and featured Channels
  • The Everything template: A featured video, featured playlists, and featured Channels
These additions, which are more analogous to template options in Tumblr or MySpace rather than Facebook’s one-size-fits-all style, let producers promote their works in the most natural style for what they offer. These templates come with a Feed tab showing any of the following actions from the channel owner:
  • Liking a video
  • Commenting on a video
  • Subscribing to a Channel
  • Favoriting a video
  • Uploading a video, and
  • Adding a video to a playlist
Importantly, any of these social actions can also potentially appear in users homepages, similar to how activity on a Facebook page appears in users news feeds. The Feed tab includes a section for users to post their comments, another section for the owner to feature other channels, and an About form.
The homepage and channel changes are the two biggest updates today, but the company is also introducing a site-wide design upgrade to all the elements — typography, iconography, etc (like the new logo at the top of this article). It’s separately adding new versions of its Xbox and Google TV applications, that feature magazine-style tile interfaces showing various channels. Finally, the company is touting the success of its advertising platform, saying that it’s seeing strong demand for its new cost-per-click style of video ads.
Going forward, look for YouTube to introduce more social features, Lovinsky said. While he didn’t get into specifics, my impression was there’s going to more fine-tuned discovery options coming, like channels on the homepage that show you content on topics related to videos you like. A “hip hop” video channel for instance. And, of course, look for YouTube to add tighter G+ integrations across the site.

iPhone 4 Burns itself on an Australian Flight (Update: One burns in Brazil as well)

On the 25th of November this year, an iPhone begin to emit a lot of smoke and glowed red hot shortly after Regional Express (Rex) flight ZL319 landed in Sydney from Lismore. After that “Company Standard Safety Procedures” were followed after which the fire was extinguished successfully. Thankfully, nobody was hurt or injured. The said phone was then handed over to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) for Investigation. Looks like someone decided to go too far with Siri, and she decided to end it once and for all.
Update: We’ve just heard news that an iPhone 4 began to burn after being short circuited. The owner, in Brazil had left the phone to charge overnight, and when he woke up, the phone was smoking heavily and sparks were coming out of it. The authenticity of this news is not as yet verified, but if true Apple could be in a real fix.