Scosche announces new Samsung Galaxy Tab accessory line

Scosche Industries is not a name to be trifled with when it comes to award-winning mobile electronics and accessories, and the company has just managed to do itself proud yet again by announcing a spanking new range of accessories that are aimed to enhance the user experience of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab. Since the Galaxy Tab is available across a plethora of carriers (at varying prices, of course), it makes it all the more easy to sell even with a rather high price point as every carrier has its fair share of loyal customers. This new accessory lineup will boast a range of products that complement the Galaxy, enabling Scosche customers to protect, power, connect and mount the new Tab.

Some of its signature cases and screen protectors for the new Galaxy Tab will include a version of its popular folDIO case, coming in a new folio style, the foldIO gt1 will boast a foldable design with suede interior and three landscape viewing positions. You can choose from either black or white colors with leather and carbon fiber texture options for $44.99.
As for the gloSEE gt1, this flexible rubber case will enhance your grip while providing superior shock protection, with the snapSHIELD gt1 being a shatterproof polycarbonate case with low-profile design that will certainly be a favorite with those who tend to drop their gizmos by accident no matter how careful they have been. Sounds like some form of universal law, eh? Both models will come in Clear, Smoke, Purple, Pink and Blue colors, priced at $29.99 & $24.99 respectively.
When it comes to screen protectors, Scosche’s got you covered with their klearCOAT gt1, an ultra clear 3-pack of screen protectors for $19.99, while the satinShield gt1 is an anti-glare 2-pack of screen protectors that is priced at $19.99, with the privaSEE gt1 privacy screen protector going for $39.99.
Apart from those, Scosche certainly hasn’t forgotten about charging solutions for the Galaxy Tab, throwing dual USB chargers which will come in home, car and stand alone back-up battery designs for you to juice up not only your Galaxy Tab but another USB-powered device as well. The reVIVE II wall charger is priced at $29.99 and will come in black and white colors, while the car version which is black will cost you $5 less. Out later this November, you will obviously need to get a Galaxy Tab first before figuring out which accessory you would like to have.