5 Reasons to see “Phas gaye re Obama”

1. Story is King: Watch the movie where the plot reigns supreme and not your designer clothes, Poland winters or hairstyles. Story does not deviate from its theme: No dream sequences, no Munni-Shiela numbers, no Rakhi Sawant, no Malaika Arora or Farah Khan going overboard. Thank goodness for that. The story is about the recession, a kidnapping gone bad and the director sticks with that.
2. The comedy is not toilet grade:Where it has become the norm to use C-grade toilet comedy, this movie comes across as a surprisingly clean fun-movie which you can watch with the complete family without squirming. The comedy is in the situation and not pulling somebody pants off. The piece de resistance is a hilarious parody of a english speaking class room. Simply brilliant!
3. No violence: Despite being a story of a kidnapping in the hinterlands of UP with gun totting gang lords and politicians and a goat sacrifice, the director avoids gory, gut spilling violence.
4. All actors have equally important roles: In the movie there is none of the usual Bollywood hero hogging the limelight and all the other characters relegated to sidelines. Gang boss Bhai saheb, the englis speking Anni whose ambition is to go to Amreeika, the local don become politician who is the inspiration for everyone and nor the least Gabbar ki bahen Munni, senior mafia queen. They are all brilliant!
5. Women Power: At last we have a gang of women run by a women Female Gabbar, with her hench(wo)men called Kareena, Preeti, Deepika, Madhuri, etc. Power to them