Tips For More Securing Your Mozilla Firefox

firefox Tips For More Securing Your Mozilla Firefox
Browser Firefox is my mainstay, more stable and faster than firefox has a lot of addon / extension that is very helpful for a variety of matters. But not every addon help users, there is also an addon that intercepting and sending the username / password when users log into the email.
Here are tips:
  1. Do not indiscriminate install an addon that you do not know. Install the addon only from the official website of Firefox Addon: https: / / /
  2. Install Addon only from sites that use https. Https usage is very important that you do not get lost trying to access the fake website that gives you an addon that has been poisoned with spyware.
  3. If you are in the public computers, use Firefox in Safe Mode (safe mode). This mode is the mode by turning off all running firefox addon available.
  4. Although the addon can hide from Firefox addon list, but still she could not hide in the file system. If you are in doubt, please open your Firefox profile folder. Usually in:
  5. C: Documents and Settings Application Data Mozilla Firefox Profiles extensions