Make Your Computer Talk !

Just Follow these Simple Steps :-

1. Open Notepad.
2. Copy the following code and paste in the notepad.

Dim msg, sapi
msg="8ahiaushdiuhasd7w2uh7kahsudha Is the Code For you Hacker next is 7aygsdyagd7aw7dgiauw6twr2jsddd There is good code Hacker e812ge8"
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak msg
3. Save it as Talker.vbs.
4. Then RUN it.
5. And WOOOOSH…………!!!!!
6. The Computer starting to talk by it self.
7. You can also edit it if you want to talk anything else ;)
    For that just Edit the content of   msg=" # " In second line of this code.

8. If you wan to stop it,its really simple just Follow the steps :-
    a. Hit CTRL +  ALT  + DEL  >> that will open the task manager.
    b. Choose Processes TAB   >> to view the running
    c. Find wbscript.exe in the list,Select it and the Hit End Process Button.
9. And then Enjoy !!