Is Social Media Application Development Affordable?

A lot of marketers are caught up on the old ways and thus are not aware of the difference in price social media marketing brings. They feel that advertising or marketing of any sort should cost an arm and a leg just because a print ad in a newspaper or magazine, or worse still, an advertisement on TV can run the marketing budget through the roof. This is simply not the case for social media applications.
In most cases, customized social media applications can be created for a quarter of the cost of a traditional advertising budget and can reach a global audience while providing the ability to get instant feedback and measurable metrics to determine success and ROI.
Social media application development offers variety and provides the brand an opportunity to take a step away from the norm and not subject their audience to the same boring advertisements they see on a daily basis. By creating something new and exciting, the custom application engages the user, interacts with them and monitors their behavior. This provides valuable insight into the mind of the customer which was previously unavailable.
Success metrics can be determined previously and embedded into the customized social media applications during the development process. This helps track values that are important to the marketing department in order to determine whether the campaign was a success or not and identify areas in which the brand or product can improve in order to satisfy their customer even further still.
All in all, social media application development is a smart, efficient and quick method of reaching a global audience and tracking success at a fraction of the cost. This is the future of marketing and you are either on board or getting left behind. The choice is yours. With over 200 projects under our belt, we here at Cygnis Media have seen it and done it all. To get started, contact us for an instant quote.