100 New Features For Recent iPhones

For owners of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the iOS 4 update will help supercharge the older model iPhones until an owner is ready to trade up to the iPhone 4. The upgrade also changes the iPhone 4′s signal software. The iOS 4 update brings a host of new features.
Smart folders allow apps to be clustered together with other similar apps in a single folder. The change helps to clear up the home screen, which previously may have been cluttered with too many apps. Up to 2,160 apps can be managed in the smart folders. Smart folders provide a chance to categorize all of the apps, without losing access to any of them.

Originally, wallpapers could only be set on the lock screen. With iOS 4, iPhone owners will also be able to customize their home screens as well. Both the lock screen and the home screen are able to have their own wallpapers. The wallpapers bring a little bit more personalization to each iPhone.
The email inbox has been reworked to accept multiple inboxes from different email accounts. Multiple Exchange accounts can be added. Emails can be sorted by threads as well.
A more useful spell check function will provide less intrusive protection against errors than the previous auto correct.
5x zoom is provided for cameras, although since it is a digital zoom, picture quality will degrade.
Perhaps the most important iOS 4 change, multitasking arrives. The new version of multitasking allows both Apple apps and third-party apps to be multitasked.
Along with these iOS 4 upgrades, over 100 other new features are available. The iOS 4 update is completely free and available to the iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G. The iOS 4 will help owners continue to fully enjoy their older model iPhones for absolutely no cost.
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