Reasons to Purchase a Nokia N8

With so many smartphones on the market, it can often be puzzling as to which model to select over another one. The Nokia N8 has some superb features which make it a contender in the smartphone market.
When you purchase a smartphone, you want one that is durable and will stand up to a lot of use. The Nokia N8 does this. The phone comes encased in an anodized aluminum case which makes the phone quite lightweight without compromising support. The Nokia N8 comes in a variety of colours, from neutrals to bright modern colours.
Reasons to Purchase a Nokia N8
The Nokia N8 comes with some ports that are exclusive to it and are unable to found on any other smartphone. The N8 has an HDMI jack. This permits you to send media from the Nokia N8 to an HDTV. While this in itself is not unique, the capabilities of the feature are. For instance, the USB port has an On the Go function. By using a connector with the microUSB port, the Nokia N8 can interface the USB port.
The Nokia N8′s camera is probably the best phone camera you can buy today. Thanks to a sensor with a capacity of 12 megapixels, the N8’s camera takes spectacular pictures. The inclusion of Carl Zeiss optics also helps to push the Nokia N8 to the forefront of camera phones. The flash with this camera is a Xenon flash which is the best flash you can get on any smartphone today. This sort of flash is what you would find on an SLR camera.
When you use the Nokia N8, you will find that it has great signal strength. The quality of sound when making a phone call is clear and crisp. The battery that comes with the N8 is very powerful. It can last at least one day and perhaps more depending upon usage. This is an attractive feature for many as other smartphone models often cannot go an entire day without needed recharged.
The touchscreen of the N8 comes with an AMOLED display. It features vibrant colours and is easy to see even in the brightest lighting.
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