Microsoft Messenger Edition 251 phone with Windows Live

Microsoft has partnered with SFR (France’s second largest mobile carrier) to introduce the Messenger Edition 251, a new QWERTY (well, AZERTY actually) messaging phone that comes pre-installed with Windows Live Messenger.
Targeted at young users, the Messenger Edition 251 looks a bit like a BlackBerry and it’s most probably manufactured by ZTE, since it almost perfectly resembles the ZTE X990.
The new phone’s features include a QVGA landscape touchscreen display, web browser, Bluetooth, music player, FM radio, 2MP camera and MicroSD card support. The handset runs a proprietary OS that might have something to do with Microsoft’s Project Pink – the Pink phones will also be targeted at young users who need messaging devices, and will be available via Vodafone (which owns 44% of SFR).Microsoft News