Malaika Arora Khan got offered Rs 2.5 Crore For new years eve, ‘Munni’ aka Malaika Arora Khan has reportedly been offered an astounding amount of Rs.2.5 crores for her performance on the item number from Dabangg.
However, not one to take things at face value Malaika has gone on setting up certain conditions which the organizers have to follow. There are several offers according to reports and nothing has been finalized as of now. But with talks going on in full swing a final deal is soon in the offing.
Every year top B-town performers get hefty amounts of money to make their kitty heavier by a few thousands or lakh depending on the popularity of the number.
Several Bollywood actresses have been getting these very exclusive performance offers and hot amongst them of course have been Bipasha Basu and Mallika Sherawat. Both have bagged several lakhs for their stage performances.
The song ‘Munni Badnam Hui’, from the super hit film Dabangg starring Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha was much in the news for its use of the balm mentioned in it. The film makers were dragged to court by the trademark license holders of the balm but then an amicable out of court settlement was agreed by both parties. The song proved to be one of the biggest USP’s of the film.
Malaika Arora Khan gained more popularity and this New Years Eve it seems that Munni is all set to bring in the flavor of the hot item number with a live performance for the lucky few who can afford to make it to the high end venue-whichever it might be!