TMZ Sports: Coming Soon

Women throughout America - at least those that don't work as cocktail waitresses in Las Vegas - already hate Tiger Woods.
It sounds like professional athletes will soon feel the same way.
According to various sources, Warner Brothers has registered, a sports-themed domain meant to serve as complement to its popular celebrity gossip website.
Insiders say this spin-off was planned long before Woods - and his wayward driver - made it clear just how much the public is interested in the private lives of sports stars. But it's safe to assume Tiger's nine-inch iron play helped speed along the decision.
Meanwhile, that sound you hear? It's the furious deletion of names/numbers from the cell phones of athletes all over the world.
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Who has the most to fear if TMZ Sports comes to fruition? Handsome stars with exciting love lives, such as those pictured above: Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Reggie Bush and Alex Rodriguez.
Who has the least to fear? The Hollywood Gossip!
We're so confident in our fan base (thank you, readers!), website features (TMZ doesn't even have a photo gallery!) and versatility (why visit two TMZ sites when THG has the latest on the world of sports and entertainment on a daily basis!) that we have no qualms writing an article about a competitor.Gossip